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An Ode to my Writer's Circle

I have always wanted to jump into a book! 2D friends...but in a half of a moment...just look! They’re real people who cough and cackle and cook! And they feel and cry just like me. We talk writing: voices, platforms, and such, What to do when your brain is all blocked with too much, How to process life on the page with a touch that lets the reader know that she's seen. The gals were all friends, but far and away, People, but pixels on my iMac display, On Thursdays (just Thursdays) I hear what they say, They were 2D as a modern-day meme. Low and behold, there’s another dimension! They have ponytails, feet, and thoughts they just mention Casually, not waiting their turn with intention, They are taller for sure than they seemed! I can hug them and hear them without any glitching, We can all smell the coffee right there in the kitchen, 3D was one of God’s greatest inventions! (And a surprise for me: the Airstream!) When a pixel turns into a person, just know: the synergy created will cause us to grow, As women and writers and sisters who show the beauty of synchronized dreams.

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