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God chose words. 

It's a funny thing. 

He could have used hand motions, 

music, or zings. 

He could have sent lightning bolts down from the sky

with special messages every July. 

But God chose words

to say what he said. 

Some folks wrote them down 

so God’s words would spread.

And now people share them all over the place

'cause there is no beauty like God’s perfect grace. 

God also chose words

for people like us, 

so that we can share-

so that we can discuss,

'cause we have opinions, thoughts, and ideas,

like “I like hard tacos, you keep your tortillas!”

Now you can choose words

to share who you are

to those in your class 

or to those in your car. 

'Cause God made the words and God made you too!

Its fun to let others know what makes you...YOU!

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